Disperse Dyes (DTP and Others)

    Disperse dyes can be used with various techniques and will readily colour synthetics such as polyester, nylon, cellulose acetate, vilene, viscose, synthetic velvets and PVC. They mainly used in Sports Wears, Shoes, Tshirts etc, depending on the temperature absorptions they are classified also as low energy,Medium and High energy Disperse dyes. There are Anthraquinone disperse dyes , Nitroarylamino disperse dyes, Anthraquinone disperse dyes etc. Our Disperse Dyes are with .3 to .5 Micron size and based on client requirement additional pressured milling can be done. Our Salt Free Disperse Dyes are purified with our purification method in order for Printhead durability and increased printhead life cycle. Pre-test of our dyes for Solubility, Filteration, Conductivity, Ph, Surface Tension etc from reputed laboratory of clients choice before sampling process is undertaken, Our product list is as below.

Shade Product Name CAS Number
Disperse Red 60 17418-58-5
Disperse Red 92 12236-11-2
Disperse Red 153 78564-87-1
Disperse Red 177 58051-98-2
Disperse Yellow 54 12223-85-7
Disperse Yellow 114 61968-66-9
Disperse Brown 27 -
Disperse Blue 72 12217-81-1
Disperse Blue 73 12222-78-5
Disperse Blue 291:1 872142-01-3
Disperse Blue 359 62570-50-7
Disperse Blue 360 70693-64-0
Disperse Orange 31 61968-38-5