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Requirement by Manufacturer of Digital textile Priniting Inks are complex and customized based depending on print heads used by various Digital Textile Printers, While selecting Dye an ink manufacturer concentrates on parameters like Dye Purity, Salt Contents ( For Print Head Durability), Viscosity, Surface Tension, Ionic and Heavy Metal impurities, Surface tension, Conductivity , Ph and solubility etc. We at Conceptive Colors, with dedicated R &D team and its experience team are able to provide Dyes and Colorants to all Ink manufacturers and OEM’s with aforesaid desired parameters.

For many in the industry, “dye sublimation” is synonymous with digital textile printing, but in reality sublimation is just one of several processes that can be used. Theoretically any large format printer that can print on fabric can be called a fabric printer, but in reality the true digital textile printers are engineered to bond or infuse ink into fabric rather than technologies such as latex or UV that lay ink on top of the surface of fabric. All of the inks we refer to below utilize water-soluble dyes and based on medium of print a Ink Manufacturer will chose Dye.

  1. Reactive dyes are for cotton, linen, rayon, nylon and other cellulosic materials and require pre and post-treatment
  2. Disperse and sublimation Digital Inkjet Dyes are used on polyester, acetate rayon, polyster and acrylics and require post treatment heat
  3. Acid dyes are best for wool, silk, polyamides, cashmere, angora and nylon and require post treatment
  4. Pigment works on cotton and natural fabrics and requires post treatment heat