Reactive Dyes (DTP) and Others

    Structural types azo, anthraquinone, phthalocyanine, trimethoprim and so on, and active groups includes types of triazine, vinylsulfone, quinoxaline, pyrimidine and acrylamide., output of triazine and vinylsulfone Reactive dyes are the largest such as reactive brilliant Red 24 and reactive brilliant Orange 13, Black –N etc.Reactive Dyes contains groups that can react with fiber in molecule of Reactive dyes. Chemical reactions occurred between dyes and fibers during the procedure of dyeing and generated new covalent bonds, thus greatly improving the color fastness, especially wet fastness. Our Reactive Digital textile Printing dyes for Inks which are used on medium such as cotton, linen, rayon, nylon and other cellulosic materials, these are water soluble dyes. Our Reactive Dyes have Salt content in range of 100 -300 PPM and combined Heavy Metals and Ionic impurity of less than 25 PPM, depending on Dye structure. We pre test our dyes for Solubility, Filteration, Conductivity, Ph, Surface Tension etc from reputed laboratory of clients choice before sampling process is undertaken, all the aforementioned testing helps to increase durability and print life of Printheads of digital Textile printers, as it doesn’t jam the print heads with residual salt deposits. Our product list is as below.

Shade Product Name CAS Number
Reactive Red 24 70210-20-7
Reactive Red 24:1 72829-25-5
Reactive Red 3:1 92307-87-4
Reactive Red 45 12226-22-1
Reactive Red 218 113653-03-5
Reactive Red 245 340977-00-6
Reactive Yellow 37 12237-16-0
Reactive Yellow 85 71872-81-6
Reactive Yellow 95 718318-98-7
Reactive Orange 12 35642-64-9
Reactive Orange 13 12225-85-3
Reactive Blue 49 12236-92-9
Reactive Blue 72 61968-93-2
Reactive Black 39 68259-02-9
Reactive Black PGR (MIX) -
Reactive Black 5 17095-24-8
Reactive Black 8(GREY) 12225-26-2
Deep Black N -